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Take a look at the practical and useful information below and you’ll find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions before you pack your case.

  • Do I have to register if I have been accepted as an author?
    At least one of the authors must register in the full registration mode (general or independent artist) as a requirement for their contribution to be finally included in the proceedings. The rest of the authors can choose between the following options:
    – Full registration, which gives full access to ISEA2022 Barcelona.
    – Day pass, to attend only the day of the presentation.
    – Do not register and, therefore, do not participate in ISEA2022 Barcelona. Non-registration does not imply in any case that your name will be removed from the proceedings or catalogue.
  • Are there any discounts for students or independent artists?
    Yes, for both. You can check the prices in the following link:
    Important: If you are a student, you must provide evidence of enrollment.
  • Is there a deadline to be included in the program?
    May 16 will be the last day to register with the option of being included in the program. All the authors that register from May 17 on will not be included in the program.  
  • Is ISEA2022 Barcelona a hybrid event?
    No, ISEA2022 Barcelona is an on-site Symposium. After these years of pandemic, and after more than 10 years away from Europe, our desire is to reunite the community of artists, scientists, technologists and theorists to share their research along with their latest prototypes, technological developments or artistic works linked to science and technology.
  • Can I present online?
    There will be online sessions (not streamed on-site) during ISEA2022 Barcelona with the presentations of the authors that can not attend. In order to be included in the proceedings, at least one of the authors must register in the full registration mode.
Panoramic view of Barcelona, multiple building's roofs, view from the Parc Guell

The cradle of Catalan culture, amongst many other cultures and civilisations, and a witness to major transformations such as the Industrial Revolution or the Civil War amongst many others, Barcelona has a fascinating history. Find out more about it!

If you are planning to come to Barcelona and want information about the Covid-19 (coronavirus), check here for the latest official information.

Barcelona is a safe, welcoming and open city. Below you’ll find a set of recommendations about staying safe, rules of coexistence, and health protocols to ensure you enjoy your stay. Welcome to Barcelona!


Environmental and social sustainability is one of Barcelona’s watchwords and that’s why you’ll find a whole host of initiatives to allow you to enjoy a more efficient and sustainable city. Discover them for yourself!


Prices and long hours to shop and eat… and to work! Get an insight into the routine and the way people live in Barcelona.

There are two official languages in Catalonia: Catalan and Spanish, and there are more and more people in the region who understand and speak English. You’re sure to get by

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