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June 15th

Short papers / Crossing Art, Science and Technology for Innovations through Maker Culture and Education

Authors: Peter Purg, Kristina Pranjić, Mr. Jernej Čuček Gerbec


A viable model for interdisciplinary collaboration between art and entrepreneurship may rest upon blending formal with informal education and can depend on community resources of the maker cultures, such as reflected in the MAST curriculum development project, the DIVA art-business ecosystem and the xMobil, a DIWO modular art&science mobile lab.


Theme: Cross-innovation, art thinking, making, crafting, art-sci-tech.

Venue: CCCB

More information:

  • Abstract: The maker culture, flourishing around the world across the last decade in the form of public, corporate and underground maker-spaces or diverse DIY/DIWO workshop programs presents one of the most important trends in experience-based learning, which often takes place not only informally, but also unconsciously, for example through embodied cognition. Upon this background and along several cases of projects, artworks, institutional alliances and initiatives, the article presents an emerging model for experiencing and learning through interdisciplinary collaborations between art and entrepreneurship. These practices are demonstrating new possibilities for disciplinary crossovers permeated by artistic thinking, such that are particularly fruitful for social, but also for technological innovation, which is confirmed by the current DIVA project as treated in the article. Art Thinking proves to be a key novel approach in the innovation cycle that may be integrated into formal education curricula, business practices and community learning alike, which was proven by the recently finished MAST project as discussed in this contribution. A concrete convergence of the above principles and concepts is finally presented through the concept and process of the current project xMobil as an example of blending maker methodologies with the art-thinking based crossover innovation approach.
  • Biography: Peter Purg, PhD is Associate Professor at both Arts and Humanities, University of Nova Gorica, whose new-media art (thinking) practice ranges from performance to education and interdisciplinary research. He is Dean of the School of Humanities and New Media module lead as well as coordinator of international projects such as MAST, konS or DIVA.

    Kristina Pranjić, PhD is Assistant Professor at both Humanities and Arts, working across fields of avantgarde art, semiotics and contemporary aesthetics. She teaches Theory and History of Art and Media and is module leader of Discourses in Practice at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica.

    Jernej Čuček Gerbec, MA is and editor, writer and artist that works as an expert at University of Nova Gorica and an editor at Koridor – križišča umetnosti, a platform for art criticism that covers film/tv, literature, music, theater and non/contemporary art practices, he is editor of the latter.


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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