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June 11 to 16

Screening / Future Memories of Deep Water

Authors: Indiara Di Benedetto

Work: Future Memories of Deep Water researches the possibilities of the algorithm for predicting new entanglements between underwater artifacts and the environment where they are discovered. Consisting of generated images by the algorithm and a physical object, it questions how underwater heritage could look like in the future, facing human activities affecting the environment.


Theme: speculative archaeology, plastic pollution, underwater ecosystem, future heritage predictions

More information:

  • Abstract: What are the changing conditions for Archaeology in underwater ecosystems? Can challenges be predicted and solutions imagined using Machine Learning?

    With the passage of time, underwater artifacts are encrusted with coral, algae or other marine organisms. How do human activities and pollutions undermine these natural environments? What will our underwater heritage be like in the future?

    The project: “Future Memories of Deep Water” explores how algorithms can be used for predicting new entanglements between underwater artifacts and the changing environment where they are discovered. We reflect on current problems and dangers for marine environments, such as “plasticrust” and plastic pollution.

    Built upon experimental speculation, Future Memories of Deep Water calls for the protection of threatened marine ecosystems and aims to create awareness and encourage preservation of cultural heritage.

    concept, research, visual design: Indiara Di Benedetto
    sculpture production: Giulia Berrettoni
    project mentorship 2021: Alexia Achilleos

  • Biography: Indiara Di Benedetto (*1994, IT) is an experimental media artist with a background in video art, digital photography and visual design.

    Through entanglements between art, organic matter and observations of archaeology, her recent artistic research investigates the storytelling possibilities of technology about contemporary narratives and future imaginaries focused on human – object – social and environmental context connections.

    Her artworks have been exhibited in several venues: Ars Electronica Festival (AT), Ars Electronica Center and Deep Space 8K AEC (AT), Castello d’Albertis Museo delle Culture del Mondo (IT), CYENS Centre of Excellence Nicosia (CY), Speculum Artium (SI) and more.
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