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June 14th

Full paper / Making a Manual: The Manual for the Curation and Display of Interactive New Media Art

Authors: René Alberto García Cepeda


Methodological description of the manual for the curation and display of interactive new media art


Theme: New Media Art, Interaction, Curation, Exhibition Design, Methodologies

Venue: CCCB

More information:

  • Abstract: The Manual for the Curation and Display of Interactive New Media Art is a creative commons living document aimed at assisting curators and exhibition designers, particularly non specialist curators seeking to engage with interactive new media art. This paper will explain the design philosophy of the manual as well as the methodologies employed.

  • Biography: René G. Cepeda is a Mexican multidisciplinary designer/artist/art historian specializing in new media art. He is currently a lecturer at UNARTE (MX) and curator of the New Media Caucus’ Header/Footer gallery. His studies include Information Design and software development, museum studies and art history master’s degrees in the UK. and a Ph.D. that combines design and curatorial practice to help curators engage with interactive new media art and create exhibitions that retain the meaning and interaction of such works. As a curator, he combines his artistic background including 5 years as an artist’s apprentice to create immersive and interactive exhibitions that combine formal curatorial practice with creativity in the design and implementation of spaces and objects to create exhibitions that can both entertain and educate audiences.


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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