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Artwork / Tools for a Warming Planet

Artwork / AquA(l)formings – Interweaving the Subaqueous

Artwork / ゴジラ/ɡɒdˈzɪlə/

Artwork / Vibrant Landscapes

Artwork / Quadra Minerale – Rare Earths

On the basis of the war, deeply linked to mineral colonization, Rare Earth Elements, has sought to expand the geopolitical reading on the subject and the problems derived from it technology, economy and society – from a publication, an installation of the creative process, a pictorial polyptych and various works in drawing, printmaking, video and photography.

• In 2010, the press began to talk about the so-called “war of the rare earths”.
• Rare Earths and lanthanides, have been extracted from the end of the 19th century.
• They belong to a large group of the periodic table of elements, which celebrates 150 years of history in 2019.
• In the 1960’s, they started being used for high technology China, United States, India and Brazil, are major producers of rare earths.
• China is now a key country in the production of the Rare Earths and its tight control has generated profound disagreements and conflicts – affection and disaffection – worldwide.

The development of the proposal concludes in the Vademécum: Quadra Minerale. Rare earths, other minerals and mining concepts. An approach to the elements and their technological uses in contemporaneity.

Workshop / Anatomies of Intelligence

Inscriptions open:

Artwork / #See You at Home – The Domestic Spaces as Public Encounter

Artwork / Repository

Artwork / Waiting for other

Artwork / Syndemic Sublime

Artwork / How to Make an Ocean

Artwork / Infodemic

Artwork / Can the mind exist without a body?

Artwork / Muted

Artwork / Imaginary Sunset

Artwork / EoE Triptych #1

Artwork / Concerto para Piano e Pandemia

Artwork / Tally Saves the Internet

Artwork / It will happen here, in Barcelona (Tindrà lloc aquí, a Barcelona)

Artwork / Opportunity in Obsolescence

Artwork / Unreal Window

Performance / Anatomies of Intelligence

Artwork / Spectral Landscapes

Artwork /

Santa Mònica – La irrupció

Opening June 9 at 7 pm
Consult the schedule at

The main exhibition will take place at the arts center Santa Mònica, from June 9 to August 21. Under the title “La irrupció“, the exhibition, curated by Marta Gracia, Jara Rocha and Enric Puig Punyet, includes more than twenty artworks from the call. 

These pieces, inserted within the local context, will open a dialogue about the complex circumstances that we are living on the planet after the disruption of the pandemic. The exhibition will show proposals from leading international and local artists such as Robertina Šebjanič, Erich Berger, Joan Soler-Adillon and Andy Gracie.

Following the center’s new methodology that encourages horizontal participation, discursive itineraries will emerge with participation at different levels and the involvement of Santa Mònica’s resident artist communities during the exhibition’s period.

Inauguració el 9 de juny a les 19:00h
Consulta l’horari a

L’exposició principal tindrà lloc al centre d’art Santa Mònica, del 9 de juny al 21 d’agost. Sota el títol “La irrupció”, la mostra, comissariada per Marta Gracia, Jara Rocha i Enric Puig Punyet, inclou més d’una vintena d’obres del call.

Aquestes peces, inserides en el context local, obriran un diàleg sobre les complexes circumstàncies que estem vivint al planeta després de la interrupció de la pandèmia. L’exposició mostrarà propostes d’artistes locals i internacionals de referència com Robertina Šebjanič, Erich Berger, Joan Soler-Adillon i Andy Gracie.

Seguint la nova metodologia del centre que fomenta la participació horitzontal, sorgiran itineraris discursius amb participació a diferents nivells i la implicació de les comunitats d’artistes residents a Santa Mònica durant el període de l’exposició.


June 10

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