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Artist talk / INTER/her: INTER/her: An immersive journey inside the female body

Artist talk / Autolume: Automating Live Music Visualization

Artist talk / Umbra

Hangar – Introducing Arc-hive

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“Introducing Arc-hive” is a presentation by Antonio Gagliano and Luciana Della Villa, part of the Hangar team, in the areas of Research and Knowledge Transfer and Communication respectively, in order to to introduce the European Arc-hive project, its fundamental objectives and challenges, and to open up the collective research process carried out. Arc-hive has aimed to create an open source digital platform to add, preserve, publish, distribute and contextualize a variety of information, knowledge and documentation on biomedical practices, ensuring open access to a variety of users, and a wide range of digital materials in all cultural sectors and territories. From January 2021 to June 2022, the challenges of creating and distributing cohesive digitization and dissemination protocols through a centralized digital space where the knowledge and best practices of Bioart are collected.

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“Introducing d’Arc-hive” és una presentació a càrrec d’Antonio Gagliano i Luciana Della Villa, formant part de l’equip de l’Hangar, en  les àrees de Recerca i Transferència de Coneixement i Comunicació respectivament, per tal d’introduir el projecte europeu Arc-hive, els seus objectius i desafiaments fonamentals, i obrir el procés de recerca col·lectiva dut a terme. Arc-hive ha tingut com finalitat la creació d’una plataforma digital de codi obert per afegir, preservar, publicar, distribuir i contextualitzar una varietat d’informació, coneixement i documentació sobre les pràctiques focalitzades en biomedia, garantint l’accés obert a una varietat d’usuaris, i un ampli abast dels materials digitals en tots els sectors culturals i territoris. Des de gener 2021 fins a juny de 2022, s’han abordat de manera col·lectiva els reptes de crear i distribuir protocols cohesius de digitalització i difusió a través d’un espai digital centralitzat on es recullen els coneixements i les millors pràctiques del Bioart.

Invited talk – Interconnecting Archives: Paving a Path Forward

Round table / Ethics and New Media Archiving

Round table / Towards a Global Distributed Network of New Media Art Archives

Invited talk – MACBA Archive

Invited talk – Evanescent records

Photo by Tristán Pérez-Martín

  • Biography:  
    Constanza-Brncic-Foto Roman Rubert Constanza Brnčić is a dancer, choreographer, graduated in Philosophy at Universidad de Barcelona, Master degree in Contemporary Philosophy at Universidad de Barcelona, and she is finishing her PHD in Philosophy at Universidad de Barcelona. She is the director of Choreography Degree at Conservatory Superior of Dance / Institut del Teatre.
    Photo by Roman Rubert.

    This research is also developed by Blanca Tolsà, dancer, Alfredo Costa-Monteiro, musician.
    Tristán Pérez-Martín, Photographer.

Artist talk / Xenological Entanglements Surrounding Transgender Life in Space

Artist talk / Art, Science, Nature and Culture: Expressive Science in the Digital Age

Short paper – “The Right to the Image”: Ethics of Representation and Appropriation in New Media Art Archives since the 2011 Arab Uprisings

Short paper – Newsslider, smart mining of archives

Short paper – Restoring the Recent Past: Learnings from producing a retrospective of VR content from the UK

Short paper – VR as a function for archiving media arts, one example

Short paper – Experimental archiving. Artpool’s website as a digital archive of underground art in Hungary

Short paper – Public Library Consoles – Publishing Collections with the Flick of a Hand

Short paper – Archiving the Symposium Expanded Animation: Challenges, Solutions and International Collaborations

Short paper – Archiving Strategies in the Computational Age: creating a Media + Data Art digital media library based on a curatorial methodology

Short paper – Conservation of Multimedia Art: Case Study on Teoman Madra Archive

Panel – Right-Click to Save: Preservation, NFTs, and Distributed Ledgers

Panel – Demusealizing the museum: audience’s digital agency and institutional critique 2.0 as possible futures for art institutions

Panel – Emerging Collaborative Preservation Projects in Asia

Panel – Multi-Generation Digital Stewardship: XR Art & Technology Archives

Long paper – Stayin’ Alive. Southern Cone Video Art Archives in Context.

Long paper – Accessing and Displaying the Archive

Long paper – The future of art museums in the digital age: VR for archiving purpose

Long paper – Practicing Odin Teatret’s Archives: virtual translations of embodied knowledge through archival practices

Long paper – The Australian Emulation Network: Accessing Born Digital Cultural Collections

Long paper – AR[t]chive – Augmented Reality Experience for a Digital Art Archive

Long paper – “Always Only Once:” The paradox of preserving performative digital works

Long paper – A forgotten, almost lost, and partially hidden piece of history: new media arts in Latin America

Lightning Talk – Collecting and Preserving Expanded & Extended Nonfiction

Lightning Talk – MEMODUCT posthuman.archive: The Site-specific Media Art History

Lightning Talk – The Different Histories of Electronic Art in the V2_ Archive

Lightning Talk – Archiving Twitter Database & Visualization from Artwork

Lightning Talk – Introducing Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC)

Lightning Talk – UNCOPIED.ART: Making the original truly unique: Introducing a blockchain for GLAM institutions

Lightning Talk – Research-based Online Archive and the Canonization of Net Art

Lightning Talk – Screen Recordings and Reinterpretations from Archiving to Creation

Lightning Talk – Digitized Analog Memories. Methods of Visualizing Found Media

Lightning Talk – Participatory Preservation: Experiments in Distributed Networks of Care

Lightning Talk – IMAI Play: The video art channel of the Inter Media Art Institute

Artworks – Spiral of Words

Artwork – Visually reading the pandemic: Translating an Open Access Archive into an immersive interactive Artwork

Artwork – Archiving New Media Art Archives

Artwork – Gendernaut. Queering the future

Artwork – Visualizing the Illkun (Anger)

Artwork – ‘Data Whiskers’ and ‘Ecophagy’

Artwork – i:M:mobile

Artwork – Anatomy of a Fatberg

Performance / “Marzelline’s Confessions” by Jocelyn Ho, performed by Margaret Schedel on Embedded Iron

Artist talk / Intelligent Habitat

Invited talk – “Global Archiving Network: A Case Study at the Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving at ISEA2022”

Invited talk – ACM SIGGRAPH History Archives: Expanding the Vision through Teamwork

Invited talk – FILE Archive

Invited talk – Ars Electronica Archive

Invited talk – ISEA Symposium Archives: Progressing from the Past to the Future

Invited talk – Revealing Higher Impact of Media Art Archiving

Invited talk – Establishing the Computer Arts Society Archive

Invited talk – Introducing Arc-hive

Artist talk / Forensic love and visceral data: bio-antidote for romantic love

Panel / The Collaborative Museum

Artist talk / LIMBO (2021) – The Sea Levels in a Sound an Visual Immersive Ex-perience

Workshop / Word of Mouth: When Our Lips Speak Together

Inscriptions open:

Artist talk / How can we renew the living environment from the perspective of light, both natural and artificial, for the future?

Artist talk / AI.R Taletorium: Artificial Intelligence 1001 Cyber Nights

Artist talk / Discovering Urban Pasts: Activating Archival Material with Site-Specific Urban Media Installation

Artist talk / The Reflection of the Man

Artist talk / Between Margaridas

Artist talk / Syndemic Sublime: rematerializing the expanded biotechnological apparatus in the age of remote intimacy and immediate precarity

Artist talk / Atlantis: Cables, bunkers, ruins and myth in the ocean floor

Artist talk / DESCENT ≈ An Atlas of Relation

Artist talk / Fragments: A Cognitive Merzbau

Artist talk / Space Debris:: Waste Constellations. An artistic visualization

Artist talk / Sun Eaters: How do we relate with the non-human plant world if our invisible similarities are made visible?

Artist talk / The boneless one

Artist talk / Hypnotic AI

Artist talk / The body in\verse

Artist talk / Xeno Walks, An Augmented Reality SoundWalk on Collective Feminism

Artist talk / Monument Public Adress System: Mobile AR and Interactive Installation

Artist talk / Godspeed: A Speculative and Participative Robotic Performance

Artist talk / Other Intelligences. Plant-Human Interspecies Dialogues

Artist talk / Uptown underground and untitled times square intervention

Artist talk / “Human Error: Projects That Emphasize “Misuses” of Technology”

Artist talk / Somatechnical Nature | Virtual River

Artist talk / Earth or World? Media-spaces between the surveil and the Possible

Artist talk / Extemporal: an Ecomedia Platform for Critical Making

Artist talk / Spectral Landscapes

Artist talk / My Life as an Artificial Creative Intelligence

2nd Summit on New Media Art Archiving 

The Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving aims to facilitate critical discourse and collaboration amongst archivists, curators, artists, researchers, and other parties interested in the preservation and online archiving of new media art. This summit will serve as an incubator of innovative ideas, production techniques, and infrastructure development as well as assist in connecting like-minded individuals in an effort to create a unified approach to solving the complex problem of preserving the history of new media art.  The Summit is organised by ISEA2022 Barcelona, the ISEA Symposium Archives, and SIGGRAPH History Archive, in cooperation with the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), FILE Festival archive, ADA Archive of Digital Art and Ars Electronica archive.

Organizing Committee: Bonnie Mitchell, Jan Searleman, Terry Wong and Wim van der Plas.

Friday 10 June 10:00-11:45

Friday 10 June 12:00-14:00

Friday 10 June 15:30-17:15

Friday 10 June 17:30-19:30

Saturday 11 June 10:00-11:40

Saturday 11 June 12:00-14:00

Saturday 11 June 15:30-17:25

Saturday 11 June 17:40-19:30

Final Programme (PDF)


About the 2nd Summit on New Media Art Archiving 

After the very successful first Summit on New Media Art Archiving at ISEA2020, the second Summit will take place during ISEA2022 in 10-11 June 2022. It is being organised by ISEA2022 (Spain), ISEA Symposium Archives (NL/USA), and SIGGRAPH History Archive (USA) and in cooperation with the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art-MACBA, FILE Festival archive (Brasil), the ADA Archive of Digital Art and Ars Electronica archive (both Austria).


The need to preserve the history of the rapidly evolving field of new media arts has spurred the development of a wide variety of new media art archives throughout the world. Museums, cultural and educational institutions, as well as individuals with collections have developed, or are planning to create physical and/or online archives in an effort to preserve important artifacts and document events and creative works. The Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving aims to facilitate critical discourse and collaboration amongst archivists, curators, artists, researchers, and other parties interested in preserving the past. This summit will serve as an incubator of innovative ideas, production techniques, and infrastructure development as well as assist in connecting like-minded individuals in an effort to create a unified approach to solving the complex problem of preserving the history of new media art.


The initiative started with an ISEA roundtable discussion on new media archiving at ISEA2018 in Durban, South Africa followed by a very well-attended roundtable at ISEA2019 in Gwangju, South Korea. The First Summit on New Media Art Archiving was held during ISEA2020, (online from Montreal, Canada) featuring a keynote lecture, paper presentations, and break-out sessions.

Artist talks – Open to the public

Artist talks are open to the public.

June 12th

11:30 – Mediated spaces
Moderator: Quelic Berga

12:40 – Speculative environments
Moderator: Quelic Berga

15:30 – Experiencing the Anthropocene. A Transdisciplinary Journey Through Earth
Moderator: Pau Waelder

June 13th

11:30 – Human and Non-Human Bodies: A Dialogue
Moderator: Pau Waelder

12:40 – Time and Space: Zooming in/out
Moderator: Andy Gracie

15:30 – AI, Art and Machines
Moderator: Pau Waelder

June 14th

11:30 – Scale and the Poilitical of Other Living Systems
Moderator: Josep Manuel Berenguer

12:40 – Art, Interactivity and Participation
Moderator: Pau Waelder

15:30 – Sound, Data and AI
Moderator: Iván Paz

June 15th


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