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By plane, car or train… even by boat! You can get to Barcelona by any means of transport. Here’s some information about all the available options to help you decide which type of transport suits you best.


Barcelona airport, with several terminals, is located 16 kilometres south of the city and is also known as Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat. Barcelona can also be reached by transport links from other regional airports, including Girona, Reus and Lleida-Alguaire.


The train is one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport. High-speed trains are a comfortable and convenient way of covering long distances and Barcelona operates a number of high-speed rail routes that connect the city with the rest of Spain and France. The city also has an extensive network of suburban and regional trains.


Barcelona is well connected and has a large amount of car parks. The motorway and road network will take you anywhere in the city by car although it’s worth bearing in mind that traffic can be heavy at the main entry points of Barcelona during rush hour.


The bus station in Barcelona that has the most national and international connections is Barcelona Nord Bus Station. Buses also depart from Barcelona Sants station and other areas of the city.


Barcelona has become the Mediterranean’s foremost cruise ship harbour. It has nine passenger terminals, seven for cruise liners and four for ferries. It has connections with the Balearic Islands and the main Mediterranean harbors.

Getting around the city

How to get from the Barcelona airport (Josep Tarradellas) to CCCB (Venue)

How to get from the Barcelona airport (Josep Tarradellas) to CCCB (Venue)


At the airport, the first stop coming from Barcelona is Aeroport-T2, and has its entrance near the train station at terminal T2.
Terminal T2, outside terminal.

The other stop, Aeroport-T1, is at terminal T1 and is the end and beginning of line L9 Sud. The entrance is on Level 0, close to the buses. Terminal T1, floor P0.

The estimated travel time is 32 minutes from the Zona Universitaria station to the last stop at T1; commercial speed of the train is 37 km per hour.

The frequency of passing trains is every 7 minutes or so, but it can be reduced to every 4 minutes in specific occasions that generate high demand.


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Airport Ticket from TMB:

Ticket valid for a single trip to the airport from any network station or subway to get from the airport to any metro station in Barcelona.
Airport fare: € 4.60€.

The line L9 Sud Metro connects Barcelona downtown to the airport. But the nearest metro station of CCCB is UNIVERSITAT station. (L1 RED LINE), so it should change the line from orange to red line.

Service hours

Airport stations open and close in the same time scheme as the other stations on the Metro.

  • Mondays to Thursdays: 05:00 to 00:00 (midnight).
  • Fridays: 05:00 to 02:00.
  • Saturdays: from 05:00 and continuous operation overnight.
  • Sundays: until 24.00 h.
  • Weekday holidays: 5.00 to 24.00.
  • December 24: closed at 23.00.


The R2 Nord is the train line that connects Barcelona Airport terminal 2 with Barcelona and its metropolitan area with a train frecuency of 30 minutes. Line R2 has 3 variants: R2, R2 Nord and R2Sud.

The R2 Nord departs from Maçanet-Massanes station, passes through Granollers and ends at the airport; this train is direct to the airport, no transfers.

Passengers coming via R2 Sud (St. Viçenç, Sitges, Castelldefels, etc.), or via R2 Massanet-Massanes via Granollers Centre, need to transfer to any of the stations on the R2N line: El Prat, Barcelona-Sants or Passeig de Gràcia. Passengers from other train lines R1, R3, R8 and R4 can transfer at Barcelona-Sants train station. Once there take the train from R2 Nord direction “Aeroport”, name of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport stop.

Line R2North Train stations to Barcelona airport terminal 2

How to get to the airport by train line R2: stops on lines R2Nord and R2Sud, R8, R4, R1, R3



This is a complete guide of the local transportation in bus from the city and its metropolitan area to Barcelona Airport. They are urban buses from the  Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, linking the airport with different parts of the city -including  city center and nearby towns.

Getting Barcelona airport by bus. Bus stop at terminal T1

(BEST OPTION) Express services Aerobús A1 and Aerobús A2.

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