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June 2021

The limits of what is possible: research in art and science

When we talk about the intersections between art, science, technology and society, we are talking about a series of practices that often challenge the boundaries of disciplines, exploring the borderlands between the possible and the impossible, between the real and the imaginary. Sometimes multi-disciplinary, other times inter-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary, and often just a-disciplinary, they inhabit a grey area where the enduring make-up of knowledge is at play. Next year’s International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) on the theme of ‘Possibles’ is to take place in Barcelona and this year’s online pre-ISEA symposium will include presentations from artists, scientists and technologists from around the world who are working on the limits of what is possible. They are blending disciplines, artistic practices linked to science and technology, and scientific and technological developments inspired by the arts. They will show us their creations, the ideas they have garnered, the innovations they have developed, the reflections they have made, and, above all, the complex challenges they face. In short, they will all look at closing off limits and opening up ‘possibles’.

This online symposium will link the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2022 (ISEA), on the theme of ‘possibles‘, with the City and Science Biennial 2021, on the theme of limits.

Barcelona will host the second City and Science Biennial from 8 to 13 June. This event organized by the Barcelona City Council looks to bring citizens into closer contact with scientific knowledge and have them play an active part in it. This year, alongside the more than 100 activities scheduled by the curators and other organizations, there are also 120 activities from the Science Festival and 30 more from the +Biennial. In total, this year’s event will involve some 40 venues around the city with over 250 activities and 300 speakers from different fields. They will help people discover how to face up to this century’s challenges, and how to think about and explore their limits.


June 2021

Biennal Ciutat i Ciència 2021

The Biennial’s activities focus on the limits of the planet, society, and science itself; they look at the consequences of going beyond these limits and the effects on individuals, humanity and the environment. Disciplines such as bioengineering or regenerative medicine, and questions at the frontiers of current science have direct effects on these limits and will be key topics at the Biennial.

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