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June 15th

Short papers / The Gap: Science Always Goes Before The Law

Authors: Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė


In this paper the long-term research is presented. Researched crime category - crimes committed with innovative scientific tools, more precisely - medical experiments without consent (clinical trials at home condition). Main instrumentality - bio/neuroelectronic implants, which are mostly masked by tricks, using other innovations. High interest in the nerves and the brain as the control center of the body. The ultimate goal of implantation: functional human body control. It is difficult to understand this crime from one point of view and without knowing the whole problem area. In this crime medical, criminal, (bio)physics, and other disciplines, their abilities and knowledge are combined.


Theme: Crime commited with neurotechnologies, Targeted Individual (TI), forced implantation for control, human–computer interaction (HCI), stealing biodata.

Venue: CCCB

More information:

  • Abstract:

    – The crime category: medical experiments (clinical trials without consent) – crimes committed with innovative scientific tools. (Combined  multidisciplinary sciences – medicine, psychiatry, physics). 
    – The recidive: victims home and bed becomes the place of a cruel regular crime – clinical trial.
    – The body: human – is like an animal, abused by criminals for medical experiment needs.
    – Implantable neuro-electronics started to be used for human functioning-operating control. 

    Research object. Globally, many people are suffering from newly invented technologies, approximately 2000 to 10,000 people worldwide, could even be more. Some of them call themselves TI (Targeted Individuals), some of them TI cyborgs, TI neurorobots. Some of them have implants with remote influences 24 hours per day. Therefore, they have no privacy, they are 24 hours per day tracked, 24 hours per day tortured (with UV laser, micro waves,  and so on), discredited, forced to have no authenticity, no future, no social lives. This is like the “Second Life”, except this “virtual reality game” is controlled by criminals. The victims can’t get help – scientific and competent medical, adequate police and media response. Human Rights, in their case, do not apply.

  • Biography: Interdisciplinary artist-researcher Aistė Laisvė Viršulytė was born in 80’s and has spent most of her life in Vilnius, Lithuania. She finished a BA in photo-media art at Vilnius Academy of Arts, and MA in sculpture there. Since 2016, she is a member of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artist’s Association. The focus of her current creative effort is shifted more towards time-based media where she explores the areas of art and science, experimentation, process, sensory perception, sound art, mythology, locative media, and more.


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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