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June 13th

Short papers / Cymatics as a tool to create visual cartographies with the ecoacoustics from Delta del Llobregat Natural Park

Authors: Ferran Lega


In the course of this artistic research I explore the environmental soundscape transformations suffered by the Llobregat Delta natural park, using the acoustic science of cymatics as a means for creating visual cartographies with the soundscapes and water of the Llobregat river to illustrate the transformation of the environmental sound heritage.


Theme: Cymatics, Soundscape, visual sound, sound art, cymatic cartographies.

Venue: CCCB

More information:

  • Abstract: Barcelona, like other large metropolis in the world, has grown by developing unsustainable economic models that have extended its borders to the natural spaces that surround it. In this artistic research project, the acoustical science of Cymatics is used to understand the environmental changes caused by the human action inside of delta of Llobregat, a natural park located only 15 kilometers from the city center on the south side of the city. In the last 30 years, the transformation of the final stretch of the Llobregat river, the enlargement of the cargo port of Barcelona and the expansion of the airport and the industrial zone, have modified the environment of many no-human species specially from birds. All ecosystems have been altered and it is especially evident through noise pollution caused by industrial environments and the sonification caused by the incessant passing of airplanes on their final descent.
  • Biography: Ferran Lega has a PhD Cum Laude and received the extraordinary doctorate award from the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona, specializing in sound art and the use of acoustic science of cymatics as a tool for artistic expression. Since 2009, he has combining his artistic practice with teaching. In 2019 he started his full-time career as a professor of digital design and creative technologies at the University of Lleida. His artistic works have been exhibited at Botín Foundation, Santander (2009), ATM contemporary, Gijón (2009, 2013), Art Eka, Madrid (2012), Colorida gallery, Lisbon (2013), Tàpies foundation, Barcelona (2013), Tortosa Museum (2016), Lo Pati art centre, Amposta (2016), Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (2017), CMMAS Mexico (2017), IEI, Lleida (2017, 2019, 2021), Roca Umbert, Granollers (2017), MEM, Bilbao (2019), Bideodromo Bilbaoarte (2020), Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona (2020), CCCB (2021), La capella Arts center, Barcelona (2022), Leucade Gallery, Murcia (2022), among others.


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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