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'Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving'

'Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving'

June 10th

Short paper – Archiving Strategies in the Computational Age: creating a Media + Data Art digital media library based on a curatorial methodology

Authors: Jose Maria Alonso-Calero, Jose Antonio Vertedor-Romero and Juan Carlos Robles-Florido

Work: As an innovative solution to the challenges of documenting, indexing and researching new media art, we propose the creation of a media library that focuses on curatorial strategies through a virtual space in which both the programming code and the records are generated for their development.  

Theme: technological arts preservation, Teoman Madra, media archive, multimedia art, metadata

  • Abstract: As an innovative solution to the challenges of documenting, indexing and researching new media art, this proposal proposes the creation of the Video-Policy media library (from now on MeViPol) within the framework of the research group HUM-1062: Policies of the audio-visual image and its technological environment in artistic practice. This project focuses on two lines of research. On the one hand, curatorial strategies for archiving works developed in Media Art and Data Art. On the other hand, we consider that the artistic trends encompassed in these two blocks have characteristics of obsolescence due to the rapid advance of technology, so MeViPol proposes a virtual space in which both the programming code with which these works are developed and the records generated for their development, both technical and conceptual, is collected.

  • Biography:
    Alonso-Calero, J.M. Lecturer and Researcher in Fine Arts. Doctoral thesis: “The flow of the scene in physical interaction: participation, virtuality and presence”. He has combined his teaching work with the management and organisation of scientific events related to the hybridisation of artistic and creative languages. Her research activity is carried out in the field of interdisciplinary artistic creation. She is studying for a PhD in Audiovisual Communication. Research grant in a Virtual Reality group in the Department of Computer Architecture to later join the professional world of the audiovisual sector. He carries out different artistic projects framed in the relationship between art and new media, highlighting interaction projects, relational art and territory, etc… IP of projects such as “Map of design transfers”, “Bürohack. Bureaucratic Experience by UX”, “SCENUX Prototype: a tool for the registration through gamification of the user’s experience in creation and reception”, “LIMBO Space Social Sound XD”.

    Vertedor-Romero, J.A. Artist and interdisciplinary researcher. Currently on a research stay at the University of Granada with a Margarita Salas grant. PhD in Communication in the audiovisual research line at the University of Málaga. Master’s in Interdisciplinary Artistic Production at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Málaga. Research support grant for postgraduate studies at the University of Malaga. Artist-in-Residence Scholarship at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Malaga. Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Malaga.

    Robles-Florido, J.C. Lecturer in Sculpture since 2019, with three six-year periods of research CNEAI, active, since 2019, Director of the Department of Art and Architecture of the UMA. My artistic research is concerned with making visible the conditioning factors of the formation of desire to elaborate strategies for approaching the Other in the current moment of mass media globalisation of culture. Through photography, video, sculpture and intervention in public space, I open a reflection where the contemporary multitude inhabiting is the protagonist.


  • MACBA - Convent dels Àngels

Plaça dels Àngels, 5, Barcelona

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