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June 11 to 16

Screening / Untitled (A New Landscape)

Authors: Michelle L. Herman


“Untitled (A New Landscape)” explores a possible speculative future of the quick-stop convenience of Capitalism.


Theme: Speculative future, Meaning, Consumerism, Reality

More information:

  • Abstract: “Untitled (A New Landscape)” explores a possible speculative future of the quick-stop convenience of Capitalism. The work is inspired by an actual neoclassical building in Washington, DC which outlived its former purpose and was transformed into a gas station snack shop. In some ways, the transformation of this grand building into something so mundane is a metaphor for the post-capitalist society in which we are living. Set to “the most famous hold music in the world” (Cisco’s “Opus #1” by Tim Carleton and Darrick Deel), the piece provides a pause for contemplation.

  • Biography: Michelle L. Herman is a multidisciplinary artist who creates sculpture, video, and installations to initiate conversations about agency within invisible systems of power. Drawing from theoretical and philosophical research, feminist and disability politics, comedy, and conceptualism, Herman explores themes such as the performativity of everyday life in technologically mediated society, value production, and how agency navigates larger systems of power.

    Herman has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions at Gallerie La Box (Bourges, France, 2022); HFK University of the Arts (Bremen, Germany, 2022); The Corcoran Museum of Art (Washington, DC, 2010); The Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC, 2019, 2017, 2010, 2009); The Kennedy Center (Washington, DC, 2008), The Washington Project for the Arts (Washington, DC, 2015); Arlington Art Center (Arlington, VA, 2017); Hillyer Art Space (Washington, DC, 2016); and Visarts (Rockville, MD, 2021, 2018). 

    Herman’s work has been written about and featured in Hyperallergic, New American Paintings, The Washington Post, NPR, and East City Arts. Herman holds both an MFA and BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art (MFA 2020; BFA 2008).
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