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June 13 to 16

Panel / Art and technology at school. Resources for a critical integration of new media art practices in the school context

Authors: Clara Boj Tovar, Diego José Díaz García, Felipe González Gil, Alfredo Miralles Benito, Susanna Tesconi


Analytical overview of projects promoted by Red PLANEA Arte y Escuela and carried out in primary and secondary schools in Andalucia, Comunidad de Madrid and Comunidad Valenciana, with a special emphasis on the implications that their implementation has revealed both at an organisational and structural levels as well as at a disciplinary level on the curriculum and the development of educational competences


Theme: Critical technologies, technologies at school, media literacy, Big Data, Steam

Venue: CCCB

More information:

  • Abstract: The integration of artistic practices that connect art and technology in the context of compulsory education is a complex issue that highlights the need to activate school practices in connection with  the  changing and technologised reality of contemporary society from a critical and generative approach. This panel introduces  a selection of projects promoted by the Red PLANEA Arte y Escuela developed in schools in Spain’s  regions of Andalucia, Madrid and Valencia. Introducing different methodologies and specific techniques, these  projects address the critical analysis of information and communication technologies, both from their creative and facilitating dimension of new spaces of thought and interdisciplinary intervention as well as  in terms of the analysis of their effects on the forms of relationship and experiences in contemporary society. Through different contributions this panel explores the potential of these projects as replicable strategies for other educational contexts and also introduces ANIDA, a Journal specialised in educational resources which, in its volume n2, focuses on these issues by compiling artistic and educational resources related to today’s technologies.

  • Biography: PLANEA Red de arte y escuela. A network of educational centres, cultural agents and institutions that are committed to using artistic practices in public schools in a transversal way, located in the territories and with a vocation for generalisation and permanence. The network has a period of five years to prototype, evaluate and compile learning on the ways and means of producing significant changes in schools, in education departments and in their closest ecosystem, through artistic practices. PLANEA Red de arte y escuela is promoted by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and develops its work at a territorial level through the mediation of Pedagogias Invisibles in the Region of Madrid, Máster PERMEA in the Valencian territory and ZEMOS98 in Andalucia.  


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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