Isea 2022 - Possibles



June 13 to 16

Panel / Art and possible relations in nature

Authors: Karla Brunet, Clara Boj, Diego Díaz, Susana Cámara Leret


Theme: Art, sea, ecologies, hops, salty lagoon

Venue: CCCB
  • Abstract: This panel brings three different projects to discuss possible relations of art and nature. We plan to present, think over, and bring about questions on how artists are dealing with climate change issues and how we can create new possibilities of living in balance with nature. Art projects of sensing the sea, of creating narratives of a salty lagoon and of rethinking ecologies of hops are introduced as a starting point of the discussion. 

  • Biography: Karla Brunet is an artist, researcher, and a professor at IHAC-UFBA, in Salvador, Brazil. 

    Clara Boj is an artist, researcher, and a professor at Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Spain

    Diego Díaz is an artist, researcher, and a professor at Universitat Jaume I, Castellò de la Plana, Spain

    Susana Cámara Leret is an artist and independent researcher. 


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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