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'Opening Ceremony'

'Opening Ceremony'

10th Juny

ISEA2022 Opening Ceremony

Price: Free with Full Pass Registration - with previous registration

Please, notice that the Opening Ceremony will take place in a new space: Museu Frederic Marès (Plaça Sant Iu, 5, Barcelona)

On June 10, Museu Frederic Marès will host the ISEA2022 Barcelona Opening Ceremony to welcome both local and international participants to ISEA2022 Barcelona.

Before, you can visit the Maria Aurèlia Capmany viewpoint. Located on the terrace of the Novíssim building (Plaça de Sant Miquel, 2), it offers the best panoramic views of the city.

  • 7:00 p.m. – Open access to Maria Aurèlia Capmany viewpoint (with previous registration)
  • 8:00 p.m. – Reception in Museu Frederic Marès (Pati Verger)
    FORMS – (it is a) Live de Playmodes
  • 20:30 p.m. – Speeches.
    Visual ‘Slow Violence’ de Hamill Industries
  • 21:00 p.m. Standing cocktail dinner
    FORMS – (it is a) Live de Playmodes
  • 22:00 p.m. – Closing

In order to attend to the Opening Ceremony, ISEA2022 Barcelona’s participants need to register in advance.

FORMS (it’s a)Live

Santi Vilanova, artist of the Playmodes collective, presents a new performance format of his work FORMS. This work – which in its “Screen Ensemble” version is part of the Beep collection of Electronic Art and of the exhibition that can be seen at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau – explores the compositional possibilities of visual music through ‘generative graphics and image sonication algorithms.

On this occasion, the artist has developed a live controllable audiovisual system, which generates infinite variations of sonicated spectrograms, and which operates halfway between the sound machine and the live musical instrument.

Forms – Playmodes

Slow Violence

This piece proposes a space to rethink some of the long-lasting effects, and formulates a visual exercise on the geological transformation and destruction of living ecosystems. We want to create a visual that reflects on the great acceleration of these changes (Anthropocene) and their repercussions on climate and biodiversity. A visual and living fresco that encapsulates the unstoppable disaster before our eyes, that devours and consumes nature in an exercise of terrible beauty and where we contemplate, in a very sensory and almost tactile way, the effects and changes produced on the earth’s surface.

Using techniques to photograph frequencies outside our visible light spectrum (ultraviolet and infrared) and time lapse explores ways of seeing complexities, forces, and natural phenomena that are not obvious to the human eye. We want to work on the technique to take an exploratory, deep and conscious look and make visible the invisible forces of nature (erosion, thawing, floods …), observing it through a different perspective.

Slow Violence – Hamill Industries
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