Isea 2022 - Possibles



June 10 to 16

Online Content


The space as a representation

Innovative and collaborative strategies for the students development

Humans and non-humans in an earth context

Visual learning in virtual environments

Processes and infrastructures in creative and artistic products

Technology and creative processes in a changing environment

Creative process, performative expression and perception of reality

Art and environment

Space and architecture

Reinventing Phonography: Three Case Studies of the Transduction

Flows of connection

Bending the possible (one pixel at a time). Small-file ecomedia for the Anthropocene

Online content

Polyphonic Materiality in Extended Reality
Kate Geck

The Cabinet of Wolfgang von Kempelen: AI Art and Creative Agency
 Dejan Grba

FILE FESTIVAL Archive implementation
Paula Perissinotto & Dalton Martins

Evoking Empathy Through Immersive Experiences in A Walk Alone
Eman Al-Zubeidi & Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo


Institutional presentations


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