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'Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving'

'Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving'

June 11th

Lightning Talk – MEMODUCT posthuman.archive: The Site-specific Media Art History

Authors: Violeta Vojvodić Balaž, Eduard Balaž


MEMODUCT is a repository dedicated to site-specific media art history: 1) Archiving of media art from the underrepresented regions; 2) Documentation of new media artworks that became “inaccessible” due to the obsolescence of computer technology; 3) Modeling of the site-specific research methodology.

Theme: Memex, site-specific media art history, information art, environmental art, tactical media

More information:

  • Abstract: MEMODUCT posthuman.archive is a repository of media art practices in the field of digital humanities, site-specific media art history and cyber-anthropology. The major contributions of the project are: 1) Archiving of media art from the underrepresented regions, i.e., The Global Margin, initiatives that were recent and as such exhibited in the most important exhibitions and festivals, but which have not yet been explored in depth and systematically processed as a cluster, or a scene; 2) Documentation of the new media artworks that became “inaccessible” due to the instability of the Internet media and the rapid obsolescence of computer technology; 3) Modeling of new methodology in relation to the question: How to write European history of tactical media and environment art, the conjuncture of New Europe 1988-2022?

  • Biography:
    Violeta Vojvodic Balaz, studied at the University of Belgrade at the Faculty of Fine Art for her PhD (2017), with a doctoral thesis The Case Of Art-Adventurers Operating Into Global Margin: Art, Money, and Value in The Age of Artificial Intelligence. She specialised European Diploma in Cultural Management, Brussels, her research was focused on strategic planning and virtual organisation (2006). Currently, she is PhD candidate at the Transdisciplinary Studies of Modern Arts And Media, Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade.

    Eduard Balaz, received Mag. of Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade in 2003. He worked as Artistic director in Hammer Creative (Novi Sad) and Blueliner Marketing (NYC), currently he is working as freelance UI/UX designer.

    Violeta Vojvodic Balaz and Eduard Balaz had been working as media artists since 1999. They were founders of Urtica, art and media research group (1999-2002), and they were one of the co-founders of New Media (Novi Sad, Serbia).


  • MACBA - Convent dels Àngels

Plaça dels Àngels, 5, Barcelona

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