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June 13 to 15

Demo / Resurrecting data as a phenomenological and spatial object

Authors: Thomas Asmuth, Domani Turner-Ward


This poster explores the authors’ proposed environmental data visualization sculpture titled Planes, which aims to improve data communication by reflecting the field, lab procedures, and data in a single physical object, drawing primarily from the philosophical concept of Multiplicity and the field of Phenomenology. 


Theme: Keywords: data visualization, Deleuze, hydrogeochemistry, Multiplicity, Phenomenology

Venue: CCCB
  • Abstract: There is often an epistemic disconnect between the steps of field studies, laboratory analysis, and data communication in scientific and academic studies. This project addresses this disconnect by creating a sculpture that reveals environmental data as a spectrum and references the environment where it was recorded. Planes is a proposed artwork that displays data from a specific ecological study. The design is for a sculpture that depicts hydrogeochemical data as color on laser-etched panels. An LED and microcontroller system illuminate these fins. The artists’ aesthetic is a response to previously ineffective  two-dimensional graphs that held information but failed to communicate on a broad level. Planes intends to reunite the data with the spatial world and connect it with the phenomenological. Rather than the language of mathematical symbolism, this work explores what is possible when information is presented using color. As a sculptural piece, this work goes beyond the world where most data representation resides and innovates the way data is communicated, creating a space for experimentation and variability. This method provides a more meaningful way to communicate the results of a specific scientific study and acts as an exploration of conceptualization methods that can apply to other issues.

  • Biography: Thomas Asmuth is a transdisciplinary artist and an Associate Professor of digital and experimental media at the University of West Florida. Asmuth collaborates with artists and scientists on issues of water quality. His work manifests as art/science installations and novel designs for water testing equipment. Asmuth’s awards include a Florida Humanities Council grant and a Florida Research Fellowship. Asmuth’s work has appeared at the Southeastern College Art Conference, Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Balance UnBalance, Laguna Art Museum, Montalvo Arts Center, and the Tang Teaching Museum.

    Domani Turner-Ward is an undergraduate student studying studio art and biology at the University of West Florida. Their work explores ecological issues and the relationship between humanity and environment. Turner-Ward focuses on interdisciplinary possibilities in their ongoing undergraduate research and plans to pursue a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and an MFA focusing on experimental art.


  • CCCB

Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona

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