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From June 9 to June 19

Artwork / ZENZ(A)I

Authors: Anna Pascó

Venue: La Capella

More information:

Artwork from Barcelona Producció

  • Abstract: The sayings of the time represent the cultural heritage of a changing landscape and time, and also exemplify the search for models, for generations, to understand natural phenomena and thus predict the future. Predictions that are based on probability theories, but also on imaginative ability.

    ZENZ(A)I is a neural network that processes information from the outside world and learns from it. Artificial intelligence creates meteorological sayings from existing meteorological data and sayings, and thus confronts principles such as failure, vagrancy, and open, untargeted discovery. The project addresses issues related to the configuration and functioning of common sense and the senses of artificial intelligence involved in the perception and understanding of reality.

  • Biography: Anna Pascó (Barcelona, 1990) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, in the class of Olaf Nicolai. She has exhibited at the Kunsthalle Kempten, the Britta von Rettberg Gallery, the Kunstarkaden München Museum, the Kunstverein München and the Eingen + Art Lab Berlin, among others. In 2020 she publishes Stickers with the publishing house Bomdia Berlin. She has received the Hans-Rudolf-Stiftung scholarship, has been a beneficiary of the Ambartgent project and has been awarded the Windmann Kunstpreis, 15HOCH2 or the Landeshauptstadt München visual arts prize, as well as being awarded at the XXI Biennial of Catalan Contemporary Art. The piece is part of the Staff Stiftung collection and the Stadtmuseum München.


  • La Capella

Carrer Hospital, 56, Barcelona

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