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Artwork – RAIN BEATS

Authors: Josecarlos Flórez

Venue: Cal Massó

  • Abstract: We live in a time when large amounts of data are being produced by sensors, portable devices and mobile phones. This data is collected, analyzed and used by companies and governments in an attempt to manage and control the city of a decentralized and centralized way. While such management and control are supposed to contribute to the well-being and security of citizens, in most cases the citizens are out of this circuit. In fact, they often do not participate in the generation, the analysis or use of the data, either because they do not have access to it or because they do not have the knowledge to perform such tasks. In an attempt to design new data visualization interfaces, and to bring them closer together viewers to the massive data in a creative way, born RAIN BEATS, a project that seeks to transform data into sensory experiences. This is an installation connected to the Internet, which obtains and processes atmospheric data (BIG DATA) and the it transforms into digital musical scores which are then transformed into sound. It’s a intelligent machine that processes data obtained from satellites that monitor the earth constantly deconstructing the environment into numbers, and using them as raw material to create soundscapes. We could say then that RAIN BEATS is a machine that creates and performs “music made by the forces of nature.

  • Biography: Josecarlos Flórez, es un artista peruano de nuevos medios e investigador independiente, que vive y trabaja en Barcelona. Su área de investigación se centra en la fusión de arte y tecnologías de código abierto. Trabaja en proyectos que involucran programación creativa, sonido, robótica, iluminación expresiva, visuales generativos, visualización de datos, fabricación digital, IoT (internet de las cosas), VR (realidad virtual) y AR (realidad aumentada) y AI(Inteligencia artificial). Su trabajo ha sido expuesto en Perú, España y Estados Unidos, en ferias de arte como ARCO(Madrid) y Swab Art Fair(Barcelona) y festivales como Sonar + D(Barcelona) y ARS ELECTRONICA(Linz).

This project has been awarded with the ISEA2022 Barcelona Grant by Fundació Privada Reddis


  • Cal Massó

Carrer de Pròsper de Bofarull, 7, Reus

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