Isea 2022 - Possibles



From June 9 to June 19

Artwork / Epiphany

Authors: Ariadna Parreu

Venue: La Capella

Artwork from Barcelona Producció

  • Abstract: Epiphany is a project that spreads like wildfire. The app of the same name to deeply touch what we are always touching. The sculptural pieces are made of materials related to the screens of mobile devices, mirrors and costumes that were the plastic research for Instagram filters.
    Plasma as a mutable and transitional state. Ghost like an ectoplasmic sheet, between mucus and appearance, and cell phone screens are often greasy.

    App: Epiphany, Unity, 2021.
    Sculptures: Phantom plasma, mixed media. 2021

  • Biography: Ariadna Parreu (Reus, 1982) She has been selected in different calls such as Barcelona Producció (projecte deslocalitzat, 2016), INJUVE (visual arts, 2011, 2010 and 2008) or the Amposta Art Biennial (2020, 2016 and 2012 ). She has been a resident of Hangar (2012-2014).

    She has exhibited individually at Bha-Phanein (Sala Muncunill, Terrassa, 2018) and collectively at Mercury Splash (Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, 2015) or Factotum (Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 2014). She has co-authored the inaugural Massana School exhibition, Amorf etern (2017).

    She has been a juror in various competitions: La Escocesa (2017), Sala d’Art Jove (2019), the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize (2019) and the ADI Cultura Awards (2020).


  • La Capella

Carrer Hospital, 56, Barcelona

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