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'Artist talk'

'Artist talk'

June 13th

Artist talk / How can we renew the living environment from the perspective of light, both natural and artificial, for the future?

Authors: Titia Ex


Art, light and public space are my playing field. I see the public space as a living organism. An ever-changing environment with an enormous impact on human behavior, on our values and on our actions. Light, both natural and artificial, plays an essential role in this. 


Theme: Art of Light; Natural and artificial Light, Public Art, living environment, future.

More information:

  • Abstract: COVID-19 leaves a clear mark on our living environment. The pandemic has changed the use of public space. We have started to spend more time in nearby outdoor spaces.  It is the place where we see the other.  Where we make the social city. Light, natural and artificial, is a fundamental part of this. Light is much more than a medium that enables us to see. It affects our health, our ecosystems and the places we live in in countless ways. Light can bring people together in urban spaces, emphasize the culture and identity of the city and shape the nightscape. 

    For me, public space is not a saturated or static space, but a living organism. A continuous process of interaction between people and their environment. Light uses time and space as its material. Light art in public space does not begin or end in a physical form but is a transfer of energy. An infinite potential of relationships that permanently engenders new links between things and people. It can lift the space out of its anonymity and add new and unexpected connections or break fixed patterns of movement.  It does not have to draw attention to itself, it provides sight of the space. Art of light as a representation of life, of energy in the city, as a form of poetry.

  • Biography: Titia Ex creates a choreography in space, where art, technology and the receptive surroundings meet. Every environment has its own character, function and users. Her visual light & media sculptures immerse with their dynamic, mobile forms and interactive characters. In the course of light and dark, day and night, they reflect related changes of mood and create a poetic echo, adding a new layer of meaning. 
    She is the creator of dozens of high-profile, large-scale works of light art in public space, including ‘Dolmen Light’ in the Hondsrugtunnel in Emmen (2015) and ‘Loom Light’, an interactive light monument in Eindhoven (2022). The interactive light sculpture ‘Flower of the Universe’ (2010), for which she did her research and found inspiration in a Botanical Garden travels all over the world, including the Asia Culture Center (ACC) in South Korea (2020).


  • MACBA - Convent dels Àngels

Plaça dels Àngels, 5, Barcelona

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