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'Artist talk'

'Artist talk'

June 14th

Artist talk / Between Margaridas

Authors: Luisa Paraguai


The work-in-progress “entre Margaridas” (“between Margaridas”) intends to opera3onalize female representa3ons through the cartography of daisy family Asteraceae, as a common endemic flora in Brazil, which, when developing in unexpected places and adap3ng to different soils, it evokes the same strength and resistance built by the many Brazilian Margaridas. 


Theme: art and design, interactive database, data visualization, geolocated and visual narrative

More information:

  • Abstract: On the structure of Google Maps, species of the Asteraceae family in ex3nc3on in Brazil will be mapped, according to the “Red Lists” database of the Na3onal Center for Flora Conserva3on. And in combina3on with those scien3fic informa3on, personal stories will be located with the collabora3on of different web users’ stories, sent by email [short life story, photography, loca3on]. An affec3ve cartography is going to be installed, which intends to map and disseminate the context of these endangered daisies and Margaridas in their botanical and socio-poli3cal dimensions, respec3vely. The work-in-progress “entre Margaridas” (between Margaridas”) rescues a scien3fic archive to organize an affec3ve collec3on, which updates an urgent look at endangered species – an environmental and historical-cultural territory that has been gradually destroyed, to bring it closer to another socio-poli3cal reality, our Margaridas, which also have survived in different poli3cal and/or social Brazilian environments. A poe3c collabora3ve database is going to be created according to web-users’ contribu3ons and their Margarida’s personal narra3ves, that even they are not notorious ones, daisies and Margaridas share the same strength of adap3ng to survive. We understand that expanding and diversifying the actors involved in the establishment of this visual narra3ve implies formalizing technology awareness processes, which give visibility to the exercises and disputes of power in the technical choices that guide our technocra3c society. 

  • Biography: Researcher, Professor and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Languages, Media and Art at Pon3fical Catholic University of Campinas. Vice-leader of the Research Group on Produc3on and Research in Arts. She holds a degree in Civil Engineering at University of São Paulo, a master’s and doctorate in Mul3media, Ins3tute of Arts at State University of Campinas, and a postdoctoral degree at the Planetary Collegium, Nuova Accademia di Belle Ar3 in Milan and at Federal University of Goiás in Brazil. 


  • MACBA - Convent dels Àngels

Plaça dels Àngels, 5, Barcelona

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